Historical notes on the codex

Until 1785, we had no record of where this this codex was housed after its disappearance from the court of the House of Sforza in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century. In 1785, the abbot Jean-Joseph Rive, the librarian of the duc de la Vallière, in a note pencilled in on folio f. 141, wrote that the manuscript had belonged to M. Jacobsen de La Crosnière.
Further information emerged in 1861, when the Torriani Book of Hours was included in the sale catalogue of the library of the great bibliophile, Armand Cigongne, which was purchased before auction by the son of King Louis-Philippe, duc Henri d’Aumale, who transferred the Book of Hours with the rest of Cigongne’s collection to the Château de Chantilly.

Catalogo del Duca de la Vallière
Catalogo del Duca de la Vallière

Il Duca Henri d'Aumale
Il Duca Henri d’Aumale